Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday and Better News

Once again good feelings in the Church at Esperança. Shirlyn signs up for lunch with the missionaries whenever she knows we’re going to be in town. This Saturday sounds like meatloaf.

Along with so many others we are dismayed by the violence accompanying “Black Friday.” It seems that the name is appropriate for what it has become but perhaps not so much for the original meaning of “in the black” from the retailers accountants. One person recommended next year to wear a bullet-proof vest and carry a Taser. Oh well, we won’t be there anyway. 

We did have lunch here in Ipatinga, Brasil at the mall (know here as "Shopping") and for the short time we were there saw no evidence of such madness. The only excitement was perhaps the long line to get into the new Breaking Dawn #1 movie. No pepper spray line cuts were observed.

For many families, today is the 1st Advent Sunday. We read the post in Deseret News by Eric D. Huntsman - The First Sunday of Advent: Hope and then reviewed the meaning and approach to using this as a planned way to help a family appreciate and understand the significance of this season. I think each Friday he will follow up with his family’s way of celebrating in this way. I loved the recommendation to use songs associated with the theme of each Sunday’s focus. This week was O Come, O Come Emmanuel and I found this song very well done by Enya.

The Deseret News has taken the place of Fox News for my daily news read. It has much more up-beat news and less of the continual focus on the bad news.

  • Do you use the Advent approach in your family for this season?
  • If you went, what do you think about the movie?
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  1. My Momma & Sisters wonder where I came from! I'm NOT a shopper! I like to know what a person wants or needs (that I can get and not go into hock for) find and purchase. Since my children are grown & have families of their own (and I'm not their "Santa") I like to think up fun family gifts (with the emphasis on using it all together as a family). EXAMPLE: A "Mickey Mouse" waffle iron with a mix, a kite or a book on building the best snowman. (Dad & Mom cook a fun breakfast together and then the whole family go fly a kite or build a snowman together.) OR: A Game Theme gift, with a couple of games so all ages can play; a game cloth made with the saying on it, "A family that plays together, stays together."; some micro-wave popcorn; red vines; peanuts; juice boxes or 6 pack of sodas.

    I didn't even know what people were talking about when I heard the term "Black Friday" until this year and I'm 68 years old - good figure!


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