Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life with MacBooks, Cameras, Kindle and Friends

Since we took leave of our past working life, one blessing that we appreciate well is the fact that we retired our past PC's and began using Apple MacBook Pro computers. This, combined with the ever increasing ability to use the internet has given us a layer of purpose and enjoyment on a daily basis. Google and it's increasing utility and blogging have both added variety and knowledge. Such applications as Google Maps and Google Translate have made our time here in Brasil more efficient and pleasant. Neither of us like Facebook much, except for the pictures but we are looking forward to Google+ as it seems much more of what we might use to communicate with our family and friends.

Shirlyn has the pleasant experience of having her nails done by our friend Adriana usually twice a month. She has two little girls that just love Shirlyn and always want to be around her. She usually has some colored pencils and drawing booklets to give them which they both love to use while they visit.

Another thing that has made life more colorful is the use of cameras. I have a Nikon D40 which has stopped working for some reason and can't find help with it here. Shirlyn is on her second Panasonic camera here as the first one was stolen. She likes the fact that she can use it as a point and shoot camera without becoming expert on all the settings available. It is almost always with her whenever we go out and it fits in a pocket or purse. I now have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 which is not as pocket friendly but has more available adjustments and takes great 24mm landscape type photos. At the same time a friend brought me this camera when he and his wife visited us here in Brasil, he brought me a Scottevest which has over 20 pockets that effectively allow stealth carrying of the camera and almost any other necessaries such as a small tripod, battery, ID and even a Kindle.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

From our Last Stay at Diamantina, Brasil

Diamantina from the Highway

Colonial Buildings of Diamantina

A Doorknob Gargoyle

From the Hotel in Diamantina

Add Color to Your Home from Diamantina

Buildings often more than 300 Years Old (The Fan is New)

Having this last opportunity to remember with photos this great colonial town created by diamonds, we are feeling sad to leave it. The actual diamond mines are not well remembered from the local conversations we had. We were told that mining ended and was now illegal in the area but the colonial attitudes and celebrations here are still very much alive. We were encouraged by some to come back on specific days to participate in the parades and remembrances.